scorpion pest control

Scorpions crawl into buildings through exterior cracks in search of food or suitable shelter.

About Scorpions

Scorpions have one of the most painful stings of any pest or insect in the U.S. and in some instances can cause allergic reaction and even death. They are well known in the southern region and have about 70 different known species in the United States.


Like with any other pest, identification is a key step in eliminating scorpions. Since scorpions like to dwell in dark, damp places, removal of woodpiles, trash, debris, storing of firewood off the ground, and modifying of rocks and landscape timbers may be necessary.

Our Recommendation

If your place of business or residence is infested one to four times annually by scorpions Century Pest Control’s Executive Century System are right for you. If the pest is an exterior issue, look no further than Century’s Yard Defender System in a 30 or 90 day package.

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