birds and pigeons pest control

The pest birds such as the house sparrows and city pigeons are the most aggravating bird species to building and home owners affected with their roosting.

About Birds

Non-domestic birds such as the house sparrow and city pigeon can roost on just about any ledge it can find. If they find one on you home with overhead covering such as under an eve, column or nook of any kind then you have a bothersome and nasty long term resident. Roosting birds will continue to release droppings and the accumulation can lead to diseases like bird flu, salmonella, tuberculosis, and beaver fever.


First know if the target species is protected. Causing harm to a protected species may cost you more than the removal tactic. Century’s preferred method is physical deterrents such as spikes, ledge wire and netting. We are very knowledgeable in many other tools available and will recommend the best choice for your situation.

Our Recommendation

Accumulating droppings on the ground near the foundation are usually the first sign of activity. Constant flying to and from the structure can raise the possibility of nest building or tending. Early morning and dusk cooing heard near the home is another indicator. We can come out and inspect the structure and evaluate the potential risk for roosting and provide quotes for removal and permanent solutions to resolve roosts.

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