rat, rodent and mice pest controlRodents’ instincts make them menacing and difficult to control, presenting serious threats to the health and safety of household and businesses.


About Rats

Rats are larger than the common mouse and can cause more damage. They are mindful of control measures, such as poorly placed traps or baits. They inhabit attics, burrow under concrete porches, invade wall voids and other hard to reach places.

Like many other pests, rats can carry multiple diseases and parasites. They can carry fleas, lice, and ticks into your home along with diseases such as yellow fever, T gondii, campylobacter, the Black Death and swine fever amongst others.


Performing a few preventive steps can ensure the extermination of rat populations. These steps include closing openings and crevices properly, and placing baits and traps in the right locations in order to be effective. If your home is already infested with rats, don't wait to call Century Pest Control.


About Mice

Mice are usually smaller than your common rat, but can be just as dangerous. They invade your home seeking food, water and warmth. Without mouse control intervention, one pair of mice may produce 200 offspring in four months.


Be sure to secure food promptly and properly. Mice can contaminate any food they may find along with any surface they touch, so it's best to make sure food isn't left out unprotected. Where you see one mouse, there's always likely to be more. Don't wait to call Century Pest Control.

Our Recommendation

If you find yourself already affected by such rodents, we will initiate a trapping service, using traps instead of baits, insuring the capture of these little guys. Our trapping service is a complete package for one low price. The trapping service includes site assessment, trap management and captures during the term.

How it works: After receiving a call, Century will quote a price for the particular infestation. If accepted, a wildlife trapper will be sent to inspect the site and set traps in areas of activity. The most common places include attics, garages, storage rooms, etc. During this period we look for any possible entry points. If discovered, we provide a separate quote for sealing entry points. We then discuss and construct a tentative schedule with the customer explaining when we will return to check the traps and remove any vermin that may have been caught. This is available at no additional cost. Century guarantees all our sealing work to effectively exclude rodents from your home or business for one year. If new activity is suspected within one year, Century will inspect the area free of charge. If rodents have gained access through any sealing that Century performed, we will repair and trap at no charge. However, we do not cover any new entries.

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