Wild Animals

wildlife pest controlMost animals can carry diseases and can be very dangerous if they enter households or businesses.

About Wild Animals

If you are experiencing random holes, burrows, foliage damage, roof damage, vent damage, horrible odors, feces, noises and potential fire damage from chewed electrical wire, you may be experiencing a problem with wild animals.


Century Pest Control will provide you with a safe and humane trapping program for wild animals such as raccoons, opossums, skunks and squirrels. . We gently relocate them back into the wild. Diseased, injured and defenseless young are released to wildlife rescue agencies. We are expert structure sealers and can repair damage back to its original condition or use conventional materials and camouflage the appearance to blend with the background.

Our Recommendation

To prevent wild animal infestation, it’s best to take preemptive action such as covering holes and any other entrances to your home. Be sure to never approach a wild animal on your own, acknowledging that they can cause serious injury or could even be carrying deadly diseases. Let our trained professionals safely remove any wild animals you find a disturbance.

How it works: Century places live traps, such as cages, in suspected areas. In some cases, the trapping service alone will deflect the animal from the structure due to a feeling of threat. In other cases, the inconvenience is resolved simply by sealing holes. Whatever the case may be, trust Century to rid you of any wild animal problem you may face.

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