Post Construction

About Post Construction Treatment

After construction is completed, a treatment to prevent or eradicate termites in or around any structure is critical to maintain termite free.

Partial Treatment only protects the areas treated from wood destroying insects. Similar to a spot treatment and less than a full treatment, this can be applied to the perimeter, walls, wood frames, and/or other places termites are usually found and attracted to.

Pier and Beam treatments are usually meant for the outer perimeter like porches and patios as well as crawl spaces where soil that is contacting the structure is treated.

Slab Construction treatment is for your foundation and any known cracks or expansion joints where termites are found.

Spot Treatment applications are applied to active or conducive areas less than 10 square feet or lineal feet.

Century will perform a site evaluation and discuss these options to offer the best protection plan for your home.

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