About Pre-Construction Treatment

Before construction of any new structure consider applying Termidor® termiticide insecticide to soil prior to the installation of any foundation. This application will add an increased level of protection and longevity to your building project from subterranean termites.  

Full Treatment involves the use of a complete vertical and horizontal barrier between the structure and the colony.

Horizontal Chemical Barriers are to be established before the pouring of the concrete slab with a low-pressure spray to give a thorough treatment of the area.

Vertical Chemical Barriers are set up around foundations, plumbing, and against the foundation of the structure to ensure that the entire structure is continuously being treated.

Partial Treatment only protects the areas treated from wood destroying insects and is anything less than a full treatment.

Pre-Construction Treatment with Wood Framing is a wood treatment placed on the wood, as well as in and around the structure before construction.

Century will perform a site evaluation and discuss these options to offer the best protection for your home.

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