ANTS have been scavenging the earth and bothering people for millions of years. There are many types of ants and many ways they can affect you. They will infiltrate your house, yard, contaminate your food, damage landscapes, structures and harm you by biting and stinging. If you are currently being bothered by Ants or seeking preventative services to keep them away, we can help. We are the professionals you seek and would be honored to serve your needs and do the fighting for you.

ANTS LOVE: Foods rich in protein and sugar, water and ample space to build nests, preferably as close as possible to the food and water. These resources are either inside your home, outside the home or possibly both. They can be generalized into two types, those that nest in walls and those that nest in the ground. Carpenter, Crazy, Odorous House, Pharo, and the Thief ants are the most common wall- nesting ants. Argentine, Pavement, Little Black, and the Fire ants are the most common ground-nesting ants.

YOUR CONTROL STRATEGY: Follow the trail that’s moving away from the source. These guys are returning to the nest to deliver the goods. If the trail just disappears into the wall for example, start at this point and began wiping the traveled surfaces. Disinfectant wipes are a good choice for this. Follow this process back to the harvest area. Consider simple housekeeping to correct the attraction if necessary. Ant baits are your best choice in this situation and of course scheduling a service with us.

Our Control Strategy: The professionals of Century Pest Control, INC. know all the distinguishing details of these ants and which control strategies to execute. If we are starting with interior activity already in progress and we have determined this is a wall nesting type, then our Century System is the ideal choice for you. The standard service details of the Century System will be modified so that we focus our control efforts on resolving your ANT problem. If we determine the interior activity is from ground nesting ANTS or the invading ANTS regardless of nesting type are visible in multiple interior and exterior areas then our EXECUTIVE CENTURY SYSTEM is the ideal choice for you.