Bees, Hornets & Wasps

This group of insects demands respect. BEES, HORNETS AND WASPS initially strike fear and caution into people when they cross paths. Being stung is no joke. Watching someone else yelping and gyrating while being terrorized by them buzzing around their head is and at times quite funny. These pollinators are responsible for the creation of that delicious cantaloupe you planted in your garden. They also safe guard our precious pecan trees by attacking unsightly web worms. One last little tidbit, one third of our global food supply is pollinated by BEES. So, without BEES, humans wouldn’t have very much to eat. Knowing and admiring these beneficial insects and understanding their importance to mankind doesn’t excuse them from being a threat. If you or a loved one are experiencing threatening activity due to nearby nesting we can help. If your daily routine and movement around your home or office is being affected by fear of a nearby nest, you need to call us right now. We will remove the fear and restore your confidence to safely move about your property unprovoked. If a friend or loved one is highly allergic to stings, well my friend, you just saved a life. Go ahead and add hero to your list of attributes. Not bad for one day, is it?

BEES, HORNETS AND WASPS LOVE: Structures that have penetrable voids and undisturbed surface areas along roof lines. Wall voids and roof soffits are common nesting areas for Honey Bees, Yellow Jackets and those frightening Red Hornets. Landscapes with low ground cover like ivy and jasmine are prime nesting grounds for Yellow Jackets. I highly advise you to seek our assistance when you discover a problem with these creatures. HORNETS AND WASPS receive no sympathy from CENTURY PEST CONTROL, INC. You call us, we come over, end of story. BEES hold a special place in my heart and receive special handling. We must verify there is a cavity nesting BEE hive that poses an imminent threat to cause bodily harm. If this is confirmed as described and a Professional Bee Keeper cannot be attained. We will exterminate the nest and quote extraction services. We will not treat swarming BEES at rest where ever they may be discovered. You will know what I’m referring to as you see it. A colony of BEES grouped in a huge mass of visible and completely exposed BEES just resting oddly on something supportive. My customers describe this as “A Big Ball of BEES”. Be patient and let them rest, they have been traveling a great distance just before you noticed them. They are usually gone the next morning.

YOUR CONTROL STRATEGY: Identify the areas, caution others of their whereabouts and call CENTURY PEST CONTROL, INC. right away.

OUR CONTROL STRATEGY: For cavity nests, we penetrate the void containing the nest and apply a direct treatment.  Exposed hanging nests we treat sites and remove. For the “Big Ball of BEES” we encourage patience until they leave free of charge. Once a service has been performed for any of these pests you are eligible for continuous coverage under our EXECUTIVE CENTURY SYSTEM.