Executive Century System


Century Pest Control offers a more extensive pest control package called the Executive Century system. It takes our service a step further and includes a perimeter boundary of up to 25 feet from the foundation perimeter which is achieved by power spraying and/or granulation.


Our Executive Century system involves the control and/or elimination of all crawling insects. PLUS wood destroying antsfire ants,  fleasticks, scorpions, centipedes, bees and wasps.

Our more inclusive service for managing common invaders and common harmful pests. We put more emphases on the exterior by broadening the application out to 30 feet from the homes foundation. The harmful pests included with this service are Carpenter Ants, Fleas, Ticks, Bees, Wasps, Scorpions, and Centipedes. The increased service area around the foundation is critical to managing these pests. Along the house, we treat eves and overhangs to reduce wasps and knock down their nests. Other noticeable difference between the Century and Executive System is the application equipment. We utilize power sprayers (gas powered tank sprayer), backpack pump sprayers, granulators, and extension poles to manage the extra space and additional pests. This service can be modified to an EXTERIOR ONLY. This service can be performed as a ONE TIME or QUARTERLY service.