Let’s call it like it is and say SPIDERS are scary and gross. Whether you discover one in your shoe or unknowingly walk face first into a web, you’re never quite ready for the encounter. I’ll be the first to admit that they are important predators and nature’s own pest control, but that doesn’t solve your problem. CENTURY PEST CONTROL, INC. will solve your problems. You need a professional experienced in controlling spiders safely around your home or office and will be effective.

Spiders Love: Areas that are rarely disturbed by people and pets. Inside they can be found under beds, couches, furniture, closets and garages. Outside they can be found in potted plants, leaf piles, wood piles, storage areas, unused equipment and so on.

YOUR CONTROL STRATEGY: Vacuum the interior while concentrating on getting under and behind furniture, storage and appliances. Prepare to get on a knee or up on a stool to access these areas. Breakout the garden hose and wash down your house. Remove leaf litter and discard wood piles. When your all done pick up the phone and call us for an appointment.

Our Control Strategy: If you have encountered spiders a few times this year, perform regular housekeeping, lawn maintenance and control clutter, then our CENTURY SYSTEM is the ideal choice for you. If you are having frequent sightings despite your efforts to maintain a tidy house and yard or lack thereof then choose our EXECUTIVE CENTURY SYSTEM.