Termites are social, colonizing insects that reside underground or in wood. They are notorious for living off of wood and wood by-products like paper, and converting the cellulose into food and energy. While termites can be found all over the world, only 50 of the 2,500 species are found in the U.S.

Termites are rare in that they biologically develop into either subterranean, dry-wood, or damp-wood termites and feed on cellulose-based products.


Century Pest Control specializes in the control of subterranean termites for post and pre construction with the use of Termidor SC and a pesticide barrier between the colony and structure. This undetectable pesticide not only maintains a secure chemical repellant barrier, but it also has a transfer effect causing termites to pass it along to their nest-mates before actually dying themselves.

Insurance companies don’t cover termite damage, and unfortunately, these pests can cause thousands of dollars in repair and restoration damage. You will rarely see the damage before experiencing it, and by that point, it may be too late.


Before construction of any new structure consider applying Termidor® termiticide insecticide to soil prior to the installation of any foundation. This application will add an increased level of protection and longevity to your building project from subterranean termites.

Full Treatment involves the use of a complete vertical and horizontal barrier between the structure and the colony.

Horizontal Chemical Barriers are to be established before the pouring of the concrete slab with a low-pressure spray to give a thorough treatment of the area.

Vertical Chemical Barriers are set up around foundations, plumbing, and against the foundation of the structure to ensure that the entire structure is continuously being treated.

Partial Treatment only protects the areas treated from wood destroying insects and is anything less than a full treatment.

Pre-Construction Treatment with Wood Framing is a wood treatment placed on the wood, as well as in and around the structure before construction.

Century will perform a site evaluation and discuss these options to offer the best protection for your home.

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After construction is completed, a treatment to prevent or eradicate termites in or around any structure is critical to maintain termite free.

Partial Treatment only protects the areas treated from wood destroying insects. Similar to a spot treatment and less than a full treatment, this can be applied to the perimeter, walls, wood frames, and/or other places termites are usually found and attracted to.

Pier and Beam treatments are usually meant for the outer perimeter like porches and patios as well as crawl spaces where soil that is contacting the structure is treated.

Slab Construction treatment is for your foundation and any known cracks or expansion joints where termites are found.

Spot Treatment applications are applied to active or conducive areas less than 10 square feet or lineal feet.

Century will perform a site evaluation and discuss these options to offer the best protection plan for your home.

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Wood destroying insects are a concern in any home with a wooden structure or wooden components. Failure to properly identify and treat the presence of WDI (Wood Destroying Insects) can lead to damage to the structure and other wooden components of the home and create the need for expensive repairs.

Century Certified Applicators will conduct a WDI Report of all Wood Destroying Insects including slab and non-slab homes and buildings.


Termite Warning Signs and Identification


A temporary swarm of winged insects in your home or the soil around your home.

Any cracked or bubbling paint.

Wood that sounds hollow when tapped.

Mud tubes on exterior walls, wooden beams, or in crawl spaces.

Discarded wings from swarmers.


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