Yard Defender


Century had uniquely created this service first for our customers needing relief from mosquitos. Century then broadened the application to control numerous pests that invade the home and yard ultimately creating our Yard Defender Service. This is an exterior treatment which primarily manages mosquitoes and secondarily manages fleas, ants, scorpions, roaches and various pests that invade your yard and home perimeter.

Service Description: This service is designed to manage mosquitoes around the home. Primary focus is placed around entrances and you’re frequented outside areas. The management program consists of an exterior application of residual of adulticide sprays, granules and insect growth regulators. These materials are designed to reduce pest populations quickly, disrupt breeding cycles and maintain that efficiency for 1-3 weeks depending on the density and water retention of the site. Secondary results may control, eliminate and prevent a variety of structural pests.

No Warranty/Guarantee: We can only suppress and manage mosquitoes around the home and from you’re frequented outside areas. Results vary, denser and wetter landscapes may get 1-2 weeks’ control, xeriscapes and dryer landscapes may get 1-3 weeks’ control. Frequent low cost Maint. Service can be provided within your term and upon your request based on your mosquito tolerance level.

Service Area: Treatment applied within a 50-foot radius around the home. We treat points of entry, gathering areas, harborage and breeding sites around the home. We locate areas that are dense w/ foliage, constantly shaded; retain water, leaf litter and fallen debris.