Pest Control

Pest Control

Since 1973, Century Pest Control continues to serve the community, home owners and local businesses. Century is the solution for your pest problem and pest prevention needs. Were a small family business that enjoys what we do. We care for our environment, our health, our reputation and image.  We aim to impress you with our ability to service effectively, economically and safely. Century’s approach to pest control services involves 3 steps to keep pests out of your home:


Century will conduct a thorough inspection of the premises by one of our licensed inspectors allowing us to:
  • Identify pests and any related damage they may have caused.
  • Evaluate any structural problems, which may have contributed to the initial pest infestation.
  • After the assessment our technician will thoroughly explain their findings and answer any questions you may have.


Century technicians will work with you to treat your pest problems in methods that are appropriate for your home and family. We’ll create a customized pest control plan that effectively targets the unwanted household pests from returning. We'll provide professional treatment for the interior and exterior of your home eliminating all unwelcomed pests. Our treatments are simple and can be scheduled the very same day.


Any damage such as structural problems, which may have contributed to initial pest infestation will be evaluated and improved. Contact Century today and take the first step toward a pest-free home.