Identify the types of pest pressure the property will endure over the course of a year.


Distinguish between customer expectations and data analysis to achieve realistic goals.


Provide on going consultation with customer and service technician training so that a cooperative effort is made towards meeting those goals.


Maintain frequent communication between customer and Century Pest Control.
Use pest management devices for monitoring and control where and when needed.
Apply preventative materials to areas prone to attract and harbor pests.
Document all services and pest issues.


Constantly cycle through all the steps learning, modifying and growing with the needs of the customer.
Stay up to date with growing trends that improve our service, value and safety for both us and the customer.
Our technichians are uniformed and drive company decaled trucks. We are all licensed applicators experienced in providing effective service safely in your environment. We all work as a collective when it comes to problem solving and strategy. Our motto is “No question will go unanswered; no problem will go unsolved.

Areas Commonly Treated


Points of entry, rest rooms, dining areas, mechanical rooms, and various areas usually not frequented by people.


Points of entry, refuse areas and all areas within an 10-foot band around the perimeter(s) of the covered structure(s).


Such as traps and bait stations.

Commercial Century System Packages

The professionals at Century have developed protocols for pest management that is fitting for the commercial environment. We are specialists in retail centers, office buildings, campuses, parks and centers, industrial warehouses and health care facilities.

Century is a member of The San Antonio Building Owners and Managers Association, The San Antonio Executives Associations, National Pest Management Association, Texas Pest Control Association and the San Antonio Pest Control Association.

Commercial Century System

Standard monthly service that includes interior common areas and the exterior perimeter of the building Roaches, Ants, Spiders, Various crawling insects and Rodents.

Mobile Mosquito Fogging

Truck mounted fogger used for mosquito management in City parks, HOA’s, Residential and Commercial areas.

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