Frequently Asked

Q – Is it safe for pets and kids?

A – Yes. All applications are made in strict accordance to the product label and doing so creates a safe treatment for children, pets and the applicator.

Q – Does it smell?

A – There are no noticeable odors with the products we apply to your interior. On the exterior, we use botanical products that contain peppermint and rosemary oil that may leave a light but pleasant odor.

Q – How long does it take for results?

A – Typically, we ask that our customers wait two weeks for true results. Often results come gradually by less and less activity as you approach the two-week mark. Other factors that may result in the overall effectiveness are dependent on the cooperation of the customer when necessary. I.e. cleanliness, declutter and yard maintenance.

Q – How much does it cost?

A – Our general and most requested pest control services fall within the price range of $85-$185. Animal trapping and rodent control services start around $200.00.

Q – What type of service plans do you offer?

A – For the home we offer two quarterly service plans. The Century System covers the home’s interior and exterior perimeter. The Executive System covers the home’s interior and the yard.

Q – Does weather affect treatment?

A – Yes, in several ways. Impending wet weather may delay treatment so to avoid chemical runoff from treated areas. Frequent wet weather and heat can diminish the residual power of the products. These two circumstances can also increase pest activity in and around the home.

Q – Do you have organic options?

A – We incorporate the use of organic products in our services. We also offer customized treatments that lessen the amount of product applied but still garners the maximum amount of results.

Q – What animals do you trap and remove?

A – We trap and remove nuisance wildlife such as rats, mice, raccoons, opossums, skunks, birds and bats.

Q – Do you offer discounts?

A – Yes. We offer military, first responders and senior discounts.

Q – What makes your company stand out when in comes to customer service?

A – Because we treat every customer like our only customer.

Our Values:
Trust, Excellence, Teamwork, Community, Friendliness, Creativity