Our response is to continue to provide essential services in a safe and effective manner for our community.

Keeping a close Eye On

The evolving COVID-19 pandemic

Century Pest Control Inc. is keeping a close eye on the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. As such, we have altered a number of our service offerings in keeping with social distancing efforts. Our industry is essential in the effort to promote public health. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the things we have implemented thus far.

Commercial Services

We know that commercial businesses are being hit very hard with limited hours, full shut downs or just limiting access. Unfortunately, pests do not follow the guidelines and having pest control is an important part of keeping your business pest-free.

Residential Services

With many homeowners spending more time in their homes, pest control services are essential to maintaining a healthy environment. Residential pest control begins with servicing the outside of the structure and keeping the insects from coming into the home.

Our response in handling
these new changes

Exterior Only Service

This service includes wiping webs from the house, treating insect entry points around windows and doors inside, treating the perimeter of the home to create a second barrier outside and using baits and residual products in the yard.


Our service professionals have been instructed to wear a new pair of gloves at every home disposing of them when they are done.

No Contact

Our service professional can complete the service on his handheld device with our customer’s approval eliminating having multiple people touching the device daily. In the event that an interior service is required, our service professionals will follow all CDC guidelines and practice social distancing.

New Customers

Welcome to the Century Pest Control Inc. Family.

As a new customer of Century Pest Control Inc. we have made a commitment to you to service both the inside and outside of your home. We understand that having an “added person” in your home during these times may be a concern. If this is the case Century Pest Control Inc. will return within 90 days to do the interior portion of this service.

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Century Pest Control Inc’s commitment is always to the health and safety of our customers and partners.
We will continue to keep a close watch on this ever-developing story and update as needed.
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