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We are constantly under siege from pests that want to ruin our homes, health, and happiness. These pests come in many different varieties and they come at different times of the year. That’s why Century Pest Control has developed the Quarterly Century System. The Century System consists of four regularly scheduled treatments of your home during the year. By providing regular visits, we are able to stop pests before they invade your home. Results Guaranteed!

Service Goals

Century will conduct a thorough inspection of the premises by one of our licensed inspectors allowing us to:

  • Communicate customer expectations and concerns, service details, inspection results and corrective measures. Schedule a 30-day follow-up when expectations of any kind are uncertain.
  • Resolve active pest issues directly. Manage future issues by toughly treating the structure and exterior perimeter. Strengthen control efforts by identifying and correcting conducive conditions when possible.
  • Make safety the highest priority and initiative for every job. Promise to make every application in strict accordance to the directions of the label. Give the customer clear and detailed cautionary instructions after every application. This cooperation will ensure the safety of all occupants, animals and service providers.

Services Packages



An exterior only service that can be purchased as a one-time treatment or as a package of 3 consecutive monthly services.

Century System

Advanced quarterly service which furthers our standard service to include Carpenter Ants, Fire Ants, Fleas, Ticks, Scorpions, Wasps and Centipedes.

One Time

General maintenance treatment for the home and yard or a specialized treatment customized to eradicate a specific pest problem.

Types of Pest Management

The simple facts


These highly invasive and well-organized creatures have been scavenging the earth and bothering people for millions of years. Today we are affected by ants just as our ancestors were; by bites and stings, contamination of valuable resources and damage to our homes. Ants are generalized into two types, those that nest in walls and those that nest in the ground. Our quarterly and one-time services are designed to combat the most common variety of ants in Texas.

Ants live and die by 3 simple rules.

1. Find resources rich in protein, sugar and water.
2. Find ample space close to these resources to build nests.
3. Repeat

Blood Feeders

By far the worst group on this list. Throughout history mankind has been sickened to death by these vectors of disease, have made our pets miserable, our hotel room beds skeptical and our backyard BBQ’s down right miserable. They need no formal introduction, you and I know them as public enemy number one; Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks and Bedbugs. We are ready to take the fight to them… for you!

If we have to take the fight to the streets, we can do that to with our mobile fogger. Our truck equipped fogger is capable of area wide mosquito management.


You know them when you see them and it’s never comforting. If we were ever so lucky to find a list of daily goals of the typical roach it would look something like this:

1. Scare someone
2. Gross someone out
3. Lay more eggs
4. Avoid running into corners because Texans wear boots.

If you have roaches and want to squash the hopes and dreams of every roach in your house, please call us.


Natures natural indicator that something is wrong. They appear when death is nearby, food has become rotten, water has stagnated and when filth has accumulated. Habitat modification is often the remedy to proper fly management.

The dirty kitchen needs cleaning, the outdoor garbage can need to be rinsed, the infiltration of rats and wildlife from within the structure needs eradicating. Gaining control of the issue and identifying the source can be done with our services. Instead of swatting flies, swat the numbers on your phone and call us.

Occasional Invaders

Occasional invaders are insects and arthropods that sporadically enter your home throughout the year. They typically live and reproduce outside but invade your home when outside weather conditions become too hostile for their survival.

Occasional invaders are often just nuisance pests because they cannot survive for long periods of time indoors. The most common invaders are millipedes, pill bugs (rollie pollies), crickets, earwigs (pincher bugs) and stink bugs. Our Yard defender and quarterly services can manage these pests year-round.

Pantry & Fabric Pests

The bugs that earn this title are more damaging then the name sounds. Pantry Pests we encounter most commonly infest bags of dog food, bird feed, rice, pasta, dried meats and fruits.

Fabric pests we encounter most commonly infest wild game mounts, oriental rugs, wool carpets, furniture, suits, dresses and quilts. No doubt about it, Fabric Pests love expensive things that are difficult to repair and replace. If you are finding tiny crawling bugs in your pantry, small oddly placed holes in clothing and/or bald spots appearing in the carpet this could be them.

Call us to have your concerns investigated. We offer the remedy to resolve this.

Stinging Insects

This class of pests is both beneficial to nature and detrimental to humans. Most of these pests in this category, like wasps, scorpions, spiders, centipedes and fire ants, are predators that help keep invasive pest populations balanced.

The most important one of this group are the honey bees, the worlds pollinators. Ever grow cantaloupe in the back yard? Did you know that the cantaloupe melon won’t appear without the assistance of the bee pollinating the cantaloupe flower? Unfortunately, some people are faced with a life or death situation regarding these pests. If there is a threating situation with these types of pests in or near your living areas call us.

Vertebrate Pest

Rats, mice, bats, birds, raccoons, opossums, skunks, squirrels and snakes. Of all these pests, Rats, Raccoons and Squirrels are the most damaging to a structure. They chew and claw their way into almost anything, turn any space into a toilet and rear their young so they can carry on the family tradition in the same place. Opossums and skunks love to burrow under decks, sidewalks, driveways, buildings and bushes.

Bats and birds love to roost and nest on the structure and defecate on any surface below. Snakes love to scare people and push people to their physical limits in running and jumping. Please call us to reclaim your property from these invaders. We are humane trappers and gentle relocators.

Wood Destroying Insects

These are pests that destroy the structural integrity of your home and office. They cause extensive cosmetic damage when they attack the interior walls, trim, cabinetry, exterior siding and roof. The shell of a wooden structure slowly decays over time due to age and weather.

Carpenter ants really exploit these areas by chewing out nesting cavities causing accelerated damage. Termites simply devour the wood of the structure. How more insulting can an insect be then by eating your home. Protect your investment and call us.

Structure Sealing to Exclude Pest

We stop pests from entering the home, roosting on the structure, and further damaging your place of business.

Our process is very simple; remove the problem pest(s), repair the entry(s), fortify weaknesses, make it long lasting and aesthetically appealing making sure the customer is completely satisfied. We are experts in this field, we are here for you.

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